We offer business and leadership excellence course to contribute to the rising demand in the world for better business and leadership acumen and competencies. There are hundreds or even thousands who provide management and leadership training programs and courses, but we opted to offer a unique value courses by focusing on two major lines of Business & Leadership Excellence. The first is the Live Simulation courses and the second is Certification Courses.The Live Simulation courses focus on offering a unique learning experience by exposing the students and trainees to a series of basic, intermediate and advanced level courses in various areas of business knowledge areas such as marketing, sales, human resources, finance, strategy, etc in a computer-based virtual reality business environments that enable learners to practice real business experience and receive immediate feedback on their made decisions and actions in the simulated environments. The Live Simulation methods and techniques we offer are based on the best leading practices that have been adopted and practices by leading business schools internationally. All courses are certified and accredited internationally from United States.

The Certification Courses are designed for professionals who want to have a life career in various fields of business, management and finance including strategic management certification, change management certification, human resources professionals certification, finance professional certification, etc. All courses are certified and accredited internationally.



“Simple, Concise, Easy to understand and follow. Captured everything a Professional needed to know about Business using the Market Place Live Simulation software. Gave practical sessions on Human Resourcing, Marketing, Financial forecasting, Sales, Production, Supply chain etc. It was more than a class room and we were actual players in the business environment”

Abdul Kader Awad – Director Shared Services

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