Chairman’s Message


Thank you visiting our website and welcome to your world of professional and practical training experience that is designed to match your needs.In ILTC, we made an oath and affirmed our personal commitment to be different. Yes, different in what we provide as training to be really designed to make everyone who is coming to us seeking knowledge to have it and be graduated from our centers with the best set of skills, abilities and level of knowledge, that will make him successful in his school, job, society and even his whole life. Our learning tools and techniques are and will be life changing for everyone who will honor us by being one of our students. To best serve our honorable trainees and students of all types, we acquired the best and the most skilled international experts to provide certified and accredited knowledge and training practices. Also, we built a world-class and well equipped training facility at Jeddah to enable our students and trainees from acquiring the knowledge and developing their skills in a very learn-ready environment, that is warm and welcoming. We, also, have ambitious plans to expand our coverage to major cities in Saudi Arabia in the next coming few years to be closer to students wherever they are. In short we did and we will keep doing whatever it takes to fulfill our oath and commitment to be different and make the life of our trainees and students also different. I invite you to come to one of our centers or call us any time and we will be delighted to serve you and address your learning needs and requirements while giving you a royal treatment that you definitely deserve. I want to kindly ask every visitor to this website, or a walk-in to our facility and have any comment, suggestion or complaint to write to me directly on and I will attend to his matter personally in the shortest time possible..

All the best and happy learning with ILTC..

Eng. Muhammad Omar Kabli

B.Sc. & M.Sc. Civil Engineering
Chairman & Co-Founder

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