Customer’s Value-Add

While providing its students and trainees with reasonable and competitive prices for its highly diverse and available courses and programs, the Center is offering its clear value by providing internationally certified courses and programs by highly renowned and leading organizations, and providing the necessary local accreditation by TVTC in Saudi Arabia as well; to empower its trainees through obtaining their internationally and locally accredited certificates for their earned education in engineering, artistic design, project management and business leadership systems and tools, which are taught in highly equipped and technology advanced training facilities in and out of (at customers’ sites and external facilities) the Center to provide the best hands-on learning and practical experience that will improve their knowledge, skills and attitude and make them successful in their schools, jobs and society. The Center’s training facilities are handled by well trained staff and training counselors who will be offering trainees the best customer care experience that is seasoned by high local-culture sensitivity and respect. Upon graduation- all trainees of the Center will also receive the best post-training support and care through well maintained alumni groups, direct contact, social, and interactive electronic media.

All courses and programs of the center will be delivered by internationally certified and talented trainers who will provide a top-class practical training experience using excellently-prepared training material and genuine technology setup accompanied by supporting needed language localization as rendered necessary and possible to assure the best understanding and subject choice. In providing it’s highly integrated products and training services in a one-stop shop style, all relationships between the Center and all its local and international partners and providers will be mostly based on exclusive relationships to assure consistent learning experience to all trainees and sustain the Center’s brand name and image.

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