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A powerful brand

CADD Centre is the Asia’s largest CAD/CAM/CAE training network. CADD Centre has a presence in 20 countries and runs over 500 franchise centres.
Brand “CADD Centre” is the result of over 25 years of delivering exceptional learning to its customers and franchisees. CADD Centre has trained over 10 Million students who are employed in organizations spanning Asia, North America, Europe and other continents. The backing of CADD Centre is a huge asset for a franchise to sell well in the market.

Unique franchise model

It is not just about market leadership. We present you a unique, home-grown franchise model that works for all franchisees. Our franchise success rate is 95% and above. All franchisees who stayed with us – that is, with any of our training business divisions – for three years are successfully expanding their business.

Pro-franchise business model

Our operating business guideline is franchise first. We strongly believe that a franchise centre is a centre owned by the franchise. This means, we operate franchises based on trust, not control. We go by a flat annual royalty fee – we don’t claim a stake in your revenue. If you work more and make more, you are going to take more. There is no revenue sharing. We don’t even look into your financial books.

Expert management

Above all, the management team for CADD Center is the same one that runs Synergy School of business, Live Wire and Dream Zone. Coming from CADD Centre, all brands are shaped by the same rigorous thinking on its feasibility, and outlook. Inputs and collaboration of product developers and employer industry are enlisted for all business aspects – right from course design to curriculum development to train-the-trainer programmes.

Marketing and sales

We interact with you on your marketing and sales efforts. We seek weekly and monthly reports on your marketing activities just to make sure that your efforts are producing the desired results. We help you make your marketing strategies effective.


Running franchise centre requires constant exchanges of information and products like courseware and certificates. The logistics team coordinates with you on the information requirements and processes movement of goods and services to enable you to meet students’ requirements.

Customer Support

We regularly assess how you deliver training services from feedback from students, staff, etc. We use matrices like rate of referrals to gauge the level of customer satisfaction. We then offer reports and recommendations with action points to improve the quality of service delivery. The team also looks at the training needs of your instructors and offers suitable train-the-trainer programmes.


The team manages the IT assets of your centre. It ensures 100% software compliance. We help you procure hardware and software licenses for training and ensure that your IT investment is optimally utilized.
Finally, it is not the franchisor-franchisee relationship and support that alone matters. We create opportunities for you to interact, and learn from other franchisees. We conduct annual partnership meetings, and franchise community meetings that are spread throughout the year for you to gain support and inspiration from other franchisees in the growing network.

Our Network:

1. Madhinah Region:

Taiba Higher Training Institute
Madina – Saudi Arabia
Contact No. : 966- 14 8426408
Email :

2. Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

Cooperative Coaching Centre (CCC)
Contact No: +966 505372236
Email :

Please do mail us at to start a Franchisee in Saudi Arabia

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