1. Man is dynamic in nature, the need to be current and relevant in all spheres of human endeavor’s make staff development a necessity, to keep track with current event and methods.
  2. Scholars, experts, social scientist and school administrators now recognize the fact that training is obviously indispensable not only in the development of the individuals but also facilitate the productive capacity of the workers. Training is not coaxing or persuading people to do what is wanted but rather a process of creating organizational conditions that will cause personnel to strive for better performance.
  3. “Bridging the Skill Gap”

If finding talent is a big challenge, filling skill-gap is a bigger challenge for organizations. It is especially true in the case of technology industries that experience a constant pressure of coping up with new technologies to increase productivity or to innovate.
However, with effective training (and a culture of learning) in place, developing skills can be a breeze. The key is to find a right training partner who can know exactly what you do and help you build on your strengths. At ILTC we work closely with corporate houses in Jeddah and KSA. We have the right methodologies to identify skill gaps within your team, and offer result-oriented training. Our training helps your team quickly move up the learning curve in engineering, project management and Management domains.
Though we offer training in specific CAD, CAM, CAE and business simulation software tools, we are not just an engineering software training company. We cover engineering concepts and introduce current best practices in the industry to help you extract maximum value out of your investment in training programmes. This apart, we provide training on specific managerial and soft skills that help improve your team’s performance.

ILTC’s unique strength lies in the partnership it brings to table. ILTC has acquired Master franchisee of “CADD Centre” India and we are official training partners for world’s leading software developers including Autodesk, Bentley, Oracle, PTC and Siemens. We are the Registered Education Provider of Project Management Institute, US, the professional body for project managers across the world.

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