Project Management

Project Management Courses

Project Planning and Management (PPM) is common to all sectors information technology, engineering, and management. Developing software is a project as much as designing an automobile component. Our courses impart training in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (which are standards or best practices), compiled by Project Management Institute (PMI), world’s premier professional association of project managers.

We teach software tools that are used to initiate, plan, execute, monitor & control, and complete a project within the estimates of schedule, budget, and resources. The courses explain the industry standard concepts of project management and provide hands on experience in handing powerful project management tools. After obtaining the training, students can apply for the following job positions

  • Planning Engineer
  • Scheduler
  • Cost Estimator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
Project Planning Management


Project Planning Management is a concept combining project management – the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals, and project planning, which relates to the use of schedules such as Gantt charts to plan and subsequently report progress within the project environment.

Why should you learn?

Formal training in project management is important for you to learn the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. As PPM is a strategic competency for organizations, as an existing or future employee, you will be required to enable to tie project results to business goals — and thus, help your organization better compete in their markets.

Learning Objectives:

At CADD Centre, we help you get an in-depth understanding of the following PPM concepts:

  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Scope Management
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Human resource Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Integration Management
  • Communication Management

Learning Outcome:

CADD Centre is the Registered Education Providers (REP) of Project Management Institute (PMI), world’s leading professional body for project managers.

  • You will understand what projects have in common, and their strategic role in how organizations succeed, learn and change
  • You will know how to use your skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team.
  • You will know how to use a broad and flexible toolkit of techniques, resolving complex, interdependent activities into tasks and sub-tasks that are documented, monitored and controlled.
  • You will know how to adapt your approach to the context and constraints of each project, knowing that no “one size” can fit all the variety of projects.
  • You will have the responsibility to take up multiple related projects, selection, prioritization and alignment of projects and programs with an organization’s strategy.
  • You will learn to evolve the execution of strategy, through repeatable, reliable performance and standardization
  • You will know how to eliminate “silos” and enhance better communication and collaboration within teams.
  • You will learn how to create a projectized organization which will help in the development of new products, processes and markets.


MS Project

(TVTC Accreditation # 21797184)


Microsoft Project is a flexible online solution for project portfolio management. It enables organizations to start, prioritize project portfolio investments and deliver the intended business value.

Why should you learn?

With this project management software, you as a project manager can develop a plan, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage the budget, and analyze workloads.

You can effectively manage your human resources by tracking their tasks. Importantly, you can make data driven decisions by equipping team members with the information they need to stay informed and make better decisions.

Learning Objectives:

At CADD Centre, we help you master the following features of MS Project:

  • Administration: This module is used to add or remove users, and for creating custom scripts and automating processes.
  • Work Management: A feature for easily managing and collaborating on work as a team without the structure of a project. It provides visibility into the work for planning and reporting purposes.
  • Demand management: To gain visibility into projects, operational activities and everyday work and streamline project initiation and progression by applying appropriate governance and control.
  • Portfolio Analytics & Selection: For effectively identifying, selecting, and delivering project portfolios that best align with an organization’s business strategy and maximize ROI.
  • Resource Management: For the delivery of results with the current workforce and planning for the future to manage surplus and deficits across a planning horizon.
  • Schedule Management: To deliver projects on time with a map for execution and delivery framework to tracking progress and managing change.
  • Financial Management: For adopting financial management processes and effectively tracking cost performance to ensure delivery within budget and that the portfolio realizes the forecasted benefits.
  • Time and Task Management: For the utilization of a centralized and common approach to time reporting and task management.
  • Collaboration: To strengthen team collaboration and improve project success with enterprise social capabilities, easy communication with instant messaging, team sites and other easy-to-use collaboration capabilities.
  • Issue and Risk Management: To prevent, identify, and mitigate potential business or project-related risks and issues.
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence: To collect, categorize, understand, and make decisions about project data and utilize business intelligence to provide visibility and decision support to proactively manage projects, programs and portfolios.
  • Program Management: For the delivery of the forecasted benefits of the overall program and across, underlying in-flight projects with the additional benefit of establishing and utilizing techniques that provide a program initiation and selection framework.

Learning Outcome:

  • You will know how to effectively plan and manage tasks with the help of scheduling capabilities.
  • You will know how to keep your teams organized in one location — their project site — where they can view project summaries, documents, tasks, newsfeeds and calendars.
  • You will know how to create workflows and standardize project progression or rejection and improve governance and control.
  • You will learn to accurately measure resource utilization and better manage resource allocation that aligns with your strategy
  • You will know how to use summary dashboards to gain insights into all organizational projects.
  • You will know how to give your team members and business partners the right level of access to project information.
  • You will know how to develop and deliver applications to shave time off discrete processes or connect to any other third-party or proprietary software systems.

(TVTC Accreditation # 21792145)


Primavera is a set of general-purpose and industry-specific enterprise project portfolio management software. It is used to effectively manage programs and projects.

Primavera helps organizations in prioritizing, planning, managing and executing projects, programs, and portfolios.

Why should you learn?

Today, all business is run as projects. Irrespective of the sector or industry you work, you will need to know project management for you to move up the corporate ladder.

Primavera tools can provide end-to-end, real time visibility of all corporate information, and helps managers determine correct resources and people with appropriate skills for all projects.

With Primavera knowledge you can boost the enterprise agility, team productivity, portfolio predictability, and overall project management efficiently.

Learning Objectives:

CADD Centre offers many certificate, diploma, PG diploma and special courses in Primavera that would help you master the following capabilities of the software:

Cost management and control, document management, schedule and resource management, fund management, project capital planning, project delivery management, facilities management and real estate management are some of the modules that would be covered in our courses.

  • Mobile PPM: A feature that allows managers to use their smart phones and mobile tablets for enterprise reporting, monitoring, and analyzing performance data.
  • Trends: Companies can investigate comparative trends, and cause and effect in multiple projects.
  • Role specific functionality: To make sure that each team member’s needs, responsibilities and skills are addressed. This feature lets the software adapt to various levels of complexity within a project, and meet the needs of various roles, functions, skill levels in an organization and team.
  • Primavera Unifier: A cloud-based solution for managing projects, and facilities of any size in every vertical market.
  • Portfolio management: Used for all types of portfolio – from ideation through execution, and collaboration among team members.

Learning Outcome:

  • You will know how to plan, schedule, and control small and large scale projects.
  • You will know how to drive down costs, minimize risk, and deliver results for key stakeholders.
  • You will know how to select the right strategic mix of projects
  • You will know how to balance resource capacity
  • You will know how to allocate best resources and track progress
  • You will know how to monitor and visualize project performance
  • You will know how to foster team collaboration
  • You will know how to integrate project management tools with financial management and human capital management systems
  • You will know how to synchronize projects, structures, budgets and actuals
  • You will learn to synchronize detailed project work plans, resource assignments, and progress

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