Terms & Conditions

Registration, privileges and withdrawals (Our Three Guarantees)


Registration General Instructions:

    1. To choose one of our scheduled courses or programs please click on it in the calendar that is shown under the various sections according to the subjects (Technical, Project Management, Circuit Design, Artistic Design and Business & Leadership). By clicking on the course or program you will be able to see the course details and the scheduled dates for it in the calendar year. Our calendar year is from July 1st this year until June 30th the next year.
    2. If you decide to take any course or program then go back to the calendar pages and click on the “register” button in front of your chosen course or program, then kindly fill the registration form (and)or then submit it. (Please fill all obligatory fields carefully) If you still need any further assistance or information please visit (our) us in the Centre or Call us by phone or reach us by Email. Our center’s full contact information and location are:
Integrated Learning Training Center

AL Noor Business Centre
3rd Floor,Suite 305, AL Madina Road South, P.O.Box 44042, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 21581

Phone: +966 12 614 2204  Fax: +966 12 657 8771, Email: info@iltc.edu.sa

  1. Payment for courses and programs are easy and available through one of the following methods:
    • Cash Payments are accepted at the counter of the Center.
    •  ATM Debit cards and Credit Cards (Visa/MC/AMEX) are also welcomed at the center. Credit Cards can be charged    over the phone, yet a proof of identity is required upon showing at the center before commencing the course
    • Coupon vouchers are available for gift payments for your friends, family and beloved ones to give them a great gift of learning and education
    • Credit payments are available for pre-qualified corporate and business organizations
    •  2-3 Installment payments for the course value can be offered to students on case by case basis and subject to further documentation and verification

We guarantee you wonderful courses and programs that are worth every penny and every second that you spend on learning with us!


  1. All courses and programs will be taught on 50% time on theory and 50% time lab practice in our or your facility to ensure proper and maximum learning experience.
  2. Courses and programs are taught in English language by English speaking instructors. (Unless indicated in the Calendar in front of the course or program name)
  3. By registering for any course or program you will be entitled for a full registration package including a registration card with unique student ID that entitles you to logon on to our students learning portal within and after the course completion, copy of high quality book-style printed material, notebooks for taking and writing notes, and a free meal everyday while being in the center to compensate for lunch
  4. Internationally world-class accredited certificate carrying your name, course name, covered syllabus and companies’ logos will be granted upon completing the course successfully with a minim attendance of 95% of the time during the course.
  5. Internationally accredited certificate on the subject matter of the taken course, subject to availability from original providers such as Autodesk.
  6. An awesome gift will be handed over to you upon course or program completion (we offer Lynen T-shirts, signature caps, coffee mugs, and others)
  7. A course’s group picture as a souvenir to be sent on your registered email address.
  8. Access to our Students Alumni Group of Social Media where we offer updates, product and service information, case studies, etc.
  9. A free copy of our monthly electronic newsletter.
  10. Future offers, updates and opportunities that will be communicated to you by email, SMS or any other way of your preferred communication including phone

We guarantee an unprecedented learning experience that is pleasant, rich,

empowering and unforgettable


  1. Withdrawal or dropout or cancellation of the course after registration and payment are accepted and will be handled on case by case scenario.
  2. Course replacement on different timing can be always given as an option.

We guarantee a fair treatment, credibility and integrity at all times

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